Enterprise solutions

Autonomous drones can help reduce costs and maximize ROI

Life-critical delivery

Drones are ideal for more effective medical response, providing unprecedented remedies in public health applications.

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Perimeter security

High endurance autonomous drones with the latest surveillance technologies offer a continuous and mobile security solution.

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Law enforcement

Drones can help police more effectively, assisting with collecting evidence, doing reconnaissance and providing life-saving insights.

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Asset inspection

Reach your remote assets efficiently, without risk to your employees, leading to better maintenance and improved ROI.

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Surveying and mapping

Create tremendous efficiencies with AD surveying drones, which are capable of high precision data returns.

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Take videography to the next level with specialized capabilities and preloaded flight configurations. Best-in-class hardware.

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Crop spraying

Capable of carrying 25 lbs and more of liquid, our sprayer drones autonomously take care of your farming needs.

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Livestock and wildlife

Autonomous drones are a conservation game changer, with the ability to return data from remote locations.

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Centralized control, autonomous flight and precision terrain data allows for small package delivery for a variety of payloads.

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Perimeter security with HARV


See how a Highly Adaptive Robotic Vehicle (HARV) can continuously monitor your facility by providing real-time alerts and live video from changing vantage points.

Full life cycle solution

A drone solution for any application is set up through the AD Cloud. Customers can initialize a solution request by reaching out to Aquiline. Once the preliminary details are worked out, the solution is built modularly using AD Cloud modules and services.


A modular, full life cycle approach to UAV solutions with AD Cloud