Asset inspection

Inspect your industrial assets remotely



Reach your remote assets efficiently, without risk to your employees, leading to better maintenance and improved ROI.


AD Cloud for asset-heavy industries


Make informed decisions about the health of your asset.

Ideal for both small and large scale applications, with AD Cloud's autonomous capabilities you can improve preventive maintenance, reduce costs and downtime, while improving the safety of your personnel.

3D modeling for infrastructure and industry


Drones specialized for asset inspection gather imagery and video data that allows you to make informed decisions about the health of your asset.

In particular, detailed 3D models can be created by using algorithms to patch together imagery, resulting in a baseline model of the asset that can be compared to real-time data to detect wear and tear.

Enterprise scale image analytics for assets


AD Cloud can perform advanced image analytics on asset data, then patch it into existing enterprise asset management systems. Available across globally distributed locations, the data can be combined so you can see your entire asset landscape.

Industrial inspection at its best with AD Cloud

Power generation and transmission

Wind and solar farms, oil and gas facilities, nuclear power plants and power grid infrastructure falls within this category. Specialized sensors, flight capabilities and high-endurance hardware provide a seamless solution.



Telecommunication towers, antennae and distribution lines are all inspected routinely with significant cost and safety concerns. Autonomous drone solutions can greatly improve this scenario.


Industrial facilities

Utilizing still imagery, video and 3D modeling, industrial structures can be visualized in detail and inspected for every detail using AI-enhanced image recognition capabilities.


Civil infrastructure

Highways, tunnels, airports, dams, bridges, railways and seaports require extensive manpower and technical expertise to inspect and maintain. As such, hHigh-density drone deployment can be a real advantage.

A modular, full life cycle approach to UAV solutions with AD Cloud