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A drone-cloud solution for E&U inspections



Spartacus GRID is an autonomous drone solution for asset inspection, with AI enabled data analysis and a centralized control room dashboard to monitor and manage operations.

This solution provides engineering and maintenance teams with valuable data insights, resulting in significantly reduced downtime, optimal productivity and elevated safety.

How it works

Spartacus GRID uses automated cloud-connected drone deployments to inspect E&U infrastructure. Automation is made possible by utilizing aerial drones along with recharging stations and weather sensors on the ground. Drones flights are scheduled and dispatched using AI based algorithms that learn to achieve great efficiencies in response time and coverage.

Once deployed, the solution works around the clock. In principle hundreds and thousands of miles of linear and fixed assets can be inspected in this manner – making it essentially a robotic solution. A piloted version of the solution is also available.


Drones harnessing the power of the cloud and AI with LTE connectivity


The drones are cloud connected and have the ability to stream both telemetry and sensor data to a centralized repository. As the AI processes the data, it send real-time alerts to the dashboard. Personnel can then associate those alerts to actionable tasks.

Power grid inspection at its best 

Transmission inspection

Linear assets such as pylons and power lines undergo periodic maintenance and pre-programmed inspections to mitigate interruptions, shortages and blackouts.


Fixed asset inspection

Fixed asset inspection primarily involves substations inspection. Live feeds or recorded footage can be used to inspect for structural damage and nonconformities.


Vegetation encroachment

Since vegetation poses a serious problem with safety and downtime, UAV solutions can mitigate this risk by providing timely insights that lead to preemptive action.


Damage inspections

Mobility and an aerial vantage point make drones a powerful tool in helping infrastructure recover quickly from an accident or natural disaster.

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