Robotic vehicle

Highly Adaptive Robotic Vehicle [ HARV ]

Continuous monitoring with an autonomous robot


Forget video doorbells. How about a moving camera that sends real-time video from any vantage point on your property? Introducing a plug-and-play robotic solution enabled by AD Cloud - Highly Adaptive Robotic Vehicle (HARV).

Engineered by GuardBot Inc., HARV has now become autonomous with the full spectrum of capabilities offered by AD Cloud. Schedule your monitoring once, and the robot works continuously, sending real-time video and security alerts - 24/7.

Home security with HARV

Using HARV to secure your home

HARV is extremely efficient in conducting ground-based perimeter security. With a capable set of sensors that capture video and imagery day or night, it basically is a mobile CCTV device. Cloud connectivity and autonomous movement makes it hassle free for home owners.


Solution features

- Plug and play solution

- Continuous monitoring of property with real-time video

- 24/7/365 autonomous operations

- Automatic alerts for intrusions and anomalies

- One time AD Cloud setup in less than 10 minutes


What's included in the box

A home security HARV with standard and thermal cameras, along with a charging station designed for exterior use. Additionally, a free AD Cloud account is provided to set up and operate the HARV, along with a 1 year warranty.

Solution overview


The AD Cloud dashboard provides a secure account for all HARV customers. From here, a property owner can initialize the setup before first-time use.

The HARV determines a path for autonomous monitoring based on this initial setup. It also determines the location of its charging station, which is plugged in an exterior outlet somewhere on the property. The customer then schedules the frequency of the monitoring and launches the mission.

Real-time video is streamed via the AD cloud to any authorized computer, tablet or phone. Additionally, alerts are dispatched when an intrusion or anomaly is detected.

And that's it! The HARV performs its duties tirelessly, night and day, rain or shine.

Get started with a few easy steps

Cloud connection

Once the HARV is fully charged, turn it on, click the 'Connect' button to get the device connected to the AD Cloud. Once connected, the 'Connect' button light will turn green and you should be able to see video from the robot on the AD Cloud dashboard.


Path determination

Click the 'New path' button on the HARV and walk the path you want the device to roam on a regular basis. The robot will follow and learn the path. Plug and set up the charging station in a convenient exterior location. The robot will detect it automatically.


Mission scheduling

The HARV is now ready to monitor your property. Using the AD Cloud dashboard, set up your monitoring schedule. Based on the time it takes to complete one circuit, the robot can roam your property 24/7 with only 10% of the time spent recharging.



Using the AD Cloud dashboard, initialize your monitoring - one click sets the HARV in motion. That's it! You now have 24/7 monitoring of your property with real-time video and alerts accessible from any authorized device.

The versatility of HARV


HARVs are amphibious by design and can traverse waterlogged and wet terrain effortlessly. As such they are suitable for a wide variety of perimeter security applications, including industrial facilities, farmland, nature reserves and even urban environments.


With a variety of video sensor packages available, HARVs can also deliver professional quality video footage in real time. This makes them a unique tool for delivering video at live sports events - from a wholly new perspective.

HARV in the age of social distancing

Protecting vital and indispensable assets in times of emergency. See how HARV solutions powered by the AD Cloud can help mitigate risk and deliver crucial data in a range of civil, health and industrial applications.