Life-critical delivery

Rapid response medical logistics



Nationwide, 20 people die per day waiting for a transplant. A 'delivery-on-demand' capability can introduce great efficiencies into the process. This is best done through a specialized cloud.

Smart logistics and autonomous UAV operations come together in the AD Cloud, enabling on-demand, life critical deliveries of organs and other medical payloads.


A cloud-based framework that integrates sources, recipients and logistics


Specialized cloud services bring organ donors, critical medical providers and a logistics framework together in a virtual environment, providing a seamless one-stop shop for life-critical cargo.

A proprietary AI capability optimizes and manages the entire framework, ensuring a dramatic improvement in response times compared to current scenarios.

Blockchained deliveries using smart containers


Life critical cargo is loaded into a smart container equipped with cloud connected sensors, which provide vital metrics in real-time. The container can be carried by any type of transport, including UAVs.

With blockchain capability served via the AD Cloud, smart containers provide a verifiable state of acceptability for organs and other critical supplies throughout the journey.

VTOL UAVs with heavy lift capability


A first for the commercial UAV market - VTOL fixed wing UAVs with long range and heavy lift capability. These drones can fly a distance of approximately 500 miles without refueling and are an ideal choice for express organ delivery. Designated landing sites in cooperation with DOTs will be utilized for specific routes.

How it all works within AD Cloud

Unified control

Order placement, itinerary, vehicle dispatch and tracking details are facilitated through the cloud. Once the pick up and destinations points have been identified, AI determines the best logistics options and begins the mission based on desired preferences.


Express UAV service

For door-to-door deliveries within 50 miles, the express UAV option uses a high-grade multi-rotor UAV to transport organs. Specialized take-off and landing sites are located within the premises of the medical facilities.


Long distance UAV service

For deliveries over distances up to 500 miles, a heavy lift VTOL UAV is utilized. This service requires dedicated UAV take-off and landing sites along the delivery air corridor. The life critical cargo is dropped off and picked up at these landing sites using either a high-grade multi-rotor UAV or ground transportation.


Manned flight

For door-to-door deliveries nationwide, a combination of unmanned and manned transport segments come together on the AD Cloud. A UAV (or ground transport) delivers the cargo to the designated airport, where it continues its journey on a charter flight. Upon landing, a UAV (or ground transport) delivers the cargo to the intended destination.

A modular, full life cycle approach to UAV solutions with AD Cloud