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A drone cloud for cities



Smart cities benefit from a data collection mechanism using connected drones, which relay the data to the cloud. Here, the data is stored and analyzed, often in real-time by an “objective-specific” AI.

AD's Smart City Drone Cloud or SCDC provides a framework for drone operations in urban environments, that municipalities can embrace easily and scale up to meet their needs.

How it works

This solution contain a group of capabilities based on different objectives. Each objective utilizes a unique drone-sensor payload combination and data analytics module. Raw and processed data is piped into a centralized control room – but can also be integrated with existing dashboard technologies that a city administration may be using.

Each objective runs in its own 'mini-ecosystem' from the perspective of field operations. Cloud and AI technologies come together to bundle the data in meaningful ways. The outcome is greater situational awareness and faster responses to incidences.


Designed to deliver real-world objectives


– Firefighting

– Urban policing

– Highway safety and accident monitoring

– Perimeter security

– Search and rescue

– Wildlife populations and monitoring

– Forest management

– Land surveying

– Monitoring illegal activity

– Civil infrastructure inspection

– Damage assessments

Smart city recipe

Grand objective

Smart cities focus upon public services, infrastructure, and security so that they may provide powerful benefits to urban inhabitants, public administrators, and private businesses alike.


Core practices

Smart cities strive for intelligent transport networks, optimized energy, water and waste operations, safer public environments, and more responsive urban management processes.


Key feature

Connected infrastructure generates huge amounts of data that needs big data analysis. AI can help extract meaningful insights from data. This allows for data-driven planning and decisions.


The role of automation

Automated processes are a given in smart cities. As mobile sensor platforms, drones are powerful tools for periodic scans. Automation lowers repeated costs and improves accuracy.

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SCDC is an outcome based framework, realized by leveraging the power of cloud technologies, drones, sensor data and artificial intelligence. It is dynamic, capable of adapting and scaling, and ideally suited for monitoring and analyzing large areas with natural and human activity.

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