Surveying and mapping

Mapping topography with natural and artificial details



A collection of high endurance autonomous drones with all-weather flight capability, paired with selected sensors from a full spectrum capability matrix, provide complete solutions for surveying and mapping.


Terrain modeling


UAV sensor data and external data can be leveraged to produce a 3D model of a physical region. Actual video footage from the UAV can be utilized for map overlays - providing deeper insights.

Telemetry data can also be used to construct terrain elevation models.

Farmland and geological surveys


LIDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging, and can be used to produce very precise surface maps of any terrain. Often used in geology and civil infrastructure surveys.

Advanced spectroscopic sensors can provide additional information on crops and vegetation well beyond optical or thermal cameras.

Interior spaces


Smaller drones can be very effective in mapping interiors in precise detail. This can be used for building design and construction to improve efficiencies. Specialized algorithms process the measurement data and construct a 3D model of the interior space.

Common applications supported by AD Cloud

Smart cities

Being mobile sensor platforms, drones are very useful for urban planning. How modern cities are organized and operate is of great importance to city planners. Urban surveying offers a real-time window into the functioning of a city and its surrounds, providing valuable insights for the future.



Quarries and open pit mines stand to benefit greatly from autonomous drone surveying. These environments are constantly changing and drones provide a safe way to inspect risks from landslides or rockfalls, while allowing inspection of stocks without exposing workers to needless risks.



UAVs allow farmers and surveyors, to save time when surveying large tracts of agricultural land. Optical and thermal sensors can be used to survey terrain and water features. Spectroscopic sensors can be used for image analysis at specific frequencies to gauge the health of crops.


Land surveying

Land surveying is an important activity conducted by towns and municipalities. It facilitates not only land ownership, but also how that ownership may be taxed by the appropriate authorities. Drones provide natural efficiencies over land-based surveying techniques and can deliver precise surveys, faster, at a lesser cost.

A modular, full life cycle approach to UAV solutions with AD Cloud