Take videography to the next level with autonomous drones


With a variety of sensors providing optical, thermal/IR and night vision capabilities, drone videos are being generated at an ever-increasing rate. The AD Cloud Video module provides features that allow drone operators to get the most from their video data.


AD Cloud offers a high-capability video module


Storage and real-time streaming, with analytics tailored for optical, night vision and IR formats, along with AI based image recognition and real-time alerts.

Specialized features available as add-ons for professional videographers and live event coverage.

Store and livestream your drone videos on the cloud


Leverage a media center similar to YouTube to upload your drone videos and share them with others. You can also livestream videos. Have your drones stream video and telemetry data in real-time to the AD Cloud. Authorized viewers can access the livestreams on any device. 

High-end videography with 4K/8K videos


For professional applications, sensor packages with 4K/8K video capability are available. Autonomous command and control also offers popular flight paths that can gather dramatic footage well beyond a simple zoom and pan.

Performance video with AD Cloud

Weddings and social gatherings

Capture breathtaking video to showcase your wedding, event or social gathering. Each solution is tailor made for your requirements and location.


Live sports

Advanced command and control allows for specialized flight paths customized for live event and sports video footage. Capture dramatic footage and livestream it via the AD Cloud.


News video feeds

Drones can provide a crucial aerial vantage point for news coverage. With built-in livestream capabilities, and pre-determined autonomous flights, this opens the possibility of utilizing a UAV as a secondary camera fairly seamlessly.



Aerial footage can be captured and livestreamed - with audio narration if desired, which provides a useful tool for educational purposes. Field trips, nature excursions and other outdoor events can be captured and stored on the cloud. Limited indoor usage is possible as well on a case by case basis.

A modular, full life cycle approach to UAV solutions with AD Cloud