Flight to the Future for enterprises

Provide corporate sponsorship to individuals that want to own a drone business

Donate success kits for providing cloud-connected, commercial drone services

From novice to certified, commercial drone business owner

Supporting the communities in which we thrive

The current Covid-19 pandemic has changed our societies.   We have all been affected by this virus.  Entire industries have closed and continue to be without a clear path to re-opening. We have changed the way we work, and the way we live.  Millions have lost their jobs and regardless of Herculean efforts made on all fronts, the future continues to be uncertain.

We owe it to ourselves to support the communities in which we thrive. AD is providing hope and empowerment to the masses through our Flight to the Future drone training program.

It's a collection of carefully tailored training and educational experiences, along with business formation that allows anyone to start a professional drone business. We want corporations and enterprises to join us in this opportunity to empower a new generation of  small businesses, geared towards the high technology future.

AD is bearing most of the cost of the four steps of this journey by providing steps one and two at no charge, step three at well below market price and step four with no up-front costs. Support this initiative and sponsor individuals by buying this heavily subsidized success kits for local communities.

Key segments of this transformation process:

Non-pilots: Training and certification

Complete training and certification for anyone.
Pilots: Express training and certification
Streamlined training and certification tailored for pilots.
AD Cloud technology training

Modular courses that illustrate the power of AD Cloud.
Mastering a commercial drone solution
Select a solution of interest and become an expert in it.
Establishing a cloud connected UAV business 
Set up a company, get insurance and the right hardware
AD-on-Demand (ADoD) on boarding

With jobs lined up on ADoD, start making money.

A $5,000 value at a fraction of the cost

1 - INCLUDED in kit

Get trained and FAA certified

Ground and flight training to prepare for FAA UAV pilot certification. Streamlined version for pilots.

2 - INCLUDED in kit

Learn to use the AD Cloud

Learn how to use the AD Command and Control module to set up and execute UAV missions.

3 - INCLUDED in kit

Master a commercial solution

Get your drone and cloud skills optimized for a specific application from a range of choices.

4 - INCLUDED in kit

Start your UAV operations

Business setup, insurance, hardware and sensor package selection. ADoD on boarding for job applications.

Disclaimer: Must be 18 years or older to apply. Please refer to the Terms of use for details of the agreement between AQUILINE DRONES, LLC and the buyer of Company’s Flight-to-the-Future services through the Company’s Website.



  • Includes:
  • Step 1 - Training and FAA certification
  • Step 2 - Mind Expanding Journey into the AD Cloud
  • Step 3 - Mastering a commercial solution
  • Step 4 - Full business setup