Flight to the Future

Own your aviation business in this age of transformation

A success kit for providing cloud-connected, commercial drone services

From novice to certified, commercial drone business owner

A path for transformation

The current Covid-19 pandemic has changed our societies.   We have all been affected by this virus.  Entire industries have closed and continue to be without a clear path to re-opening. We have changed the way we work, and the way we live. Millions have lost their jobs and regardless of Herculean efforts made on all fronts, the future continues to be uncertain. The aviation industry has been hit particularly hard.  We now have to adapt and find solutions for this dramatically changed environment.

AD is offering Flight to the Future, a collection of carefully tailored courses, supported by an online curriculum and business formation recipe that allow you to start your own professional UAV business. We want you to join us in this opportunity to be ready for the future.  Be your own boss, work from a safe environment and have your own hours.  You have to adapt but you can do it under your terms.  This is a chance to get out of unemployment, leave the present and reinvent yourself for the high technology future.


Key segments of this transformation process:

Non-pilots: Training and certification

Complete training and certification for anyone.
Pilots: Express training and certification
Streamlined training and certification tailored for pilots.
AD Cloud technology training

Modular courses that illustrate the power of AD Cloud.
Mastering a commercial drone solution
Select a solution of interest and become an expert in it.
Establishing a cloud connected UAV business 
Set up a company, get insurance and the right hardware
AD-on-Demand (ADoD) on boarding

With jobs lined up on ADoD, start making money.

A $5,000 value at a fraction of the cost

1 - INCLUDED in kit

Get trained and FAA certified

Ground and flight training to prepare for FAA UAV pilot certification. Streamlined version for pilots.


2 - INCLUDED in kit

Learn to use the AD Cloud

Learn how to use the AD Command and Control module to set up and execute UAV missions.

3 - INCLUDED in kit

Master a commercial solution

Get your drone and cloud skills optimized for a specific application from a range of choices.

4 - INCLUDED in kit

Start your UAV operations

Business setup, insurance, hardware and sensor package selection. ADoD on boarding for job applications.

Disclaimer: Must be 18 years or older to apply. Please refer to the Terms of use for details of the agreement between AQUILINE DRONES, LLC and the buyer of Company’s Flight-to-the-Future services through the Company’s Website.

"Maslow's theory of self-actualization contends that individuals are motivated to fulfill their potential in life.

AD supports that theory and uses its cutting-edge drone and cloud technology to help individuals maximize that potential."

Barry Alexander

Founder and CEO, Aquiline Drones

Everything is included

    • Drone pilot training and certification course.
    • Mind Expanding Journey into the AD Cloud – plan and execute cloud connected drone missions.
    • Mind Expanding Journey into drone applications – master a commercial solution.
    • Free business registration.
    • Free drone insurance for one year.
    • Free AD Cloud subscription for one year.
    • Financing option for drone hardware/software with no upfront costs.
    • Drone job opportunities Nationwide.



  • Includes:
  • Step 1 - Training and FAA certification
  • Step 2 - Mind Expanding Journey into the AD Cloud
  • Step 3 - Mastering a commercial solution
  • Step 4 - Full business setup



  • Includes:
  • Step 1 - Training and FAA certification
  • Step 2 - Mind Expanding Journey into the AD Cloud
  • Step 3 - Mastering a commercial solution
  • Step 4 - Full business setup

Ready to take-off? Mind Expanding Journey begins September 1, 2020.

With no expiration, take the Journey at your own pace. 

Some of the advanced capabilities that set us apart from the competition

We'll send you job opportunities via ADoD, the first commercial drone-on-demand ecosystem

Once you have completed your training and mastered an industry solution, you are in the final stages of becoming a UAV service provider. AD helps you set up your business, lease equipment and then apply for jobs through our ADoD app.

Customers send requests for UAV services, which are loaded onto the AD Cloud as distinct missions. Flight to the Future account holders can apply for these opportunities on a first come first served basis.

Your first job through ADoD is provided as part of the package.

Cognitive agent: Spartacus. Your curriculum and business advisor.

Spartacus is a modular cognitive system used by the AD Cloud to extract deep insights, often in real-time, from asset, operational and external data sources. It is a core component of the Command and Control module that plans and executes UAV missions.

Within the Flight to the Future module, Spartacus advises you on your training and curriculum progress. When you transition over to an active business, Spartacus becomes your job advisor, sending you tailored lists of opportunities and mission advisories.