Manufacturing 4.0

US based systems engineering, manufacturing and MRO

Integrated manufacturing

Aquiline will establish its production facilities in the US for mission critical infrastructure such as drones, mobile command centers and portable drone landing stations. Additionally, production assets such as workstation cells and service modules will be assembled locally and used both in-house and in a distributed manufacturing framework.


Advanced 3D printing

Crucial hardware components including drone body parts will be 3D printed on-premises using carbon fiber and appropriate materials. This allows for production scalability, design flexibility, reduced costs and time savings, while ensuring a stable supply chain.

Agile workstation cells

Agile workstation cells (AWC) are modular, drone-assembly workstations which are connected to the AD Cloud and integrated into the systems engineering processes. Each AWC is capable of producing and servicing drones and other types of hardware or products. AWCs can adapt rapidly to changing designs and technologies.


Mobile command centers

Mobile command centers (MCC) are field support vehicles that are an integral part of the mission infrastructure. Equipped with the drone ground control framework, along with drones, spare parts, maintenance equipment and charging capability. MCCs are crucial for both autonomous flight and data analysis.

Aviation-grade systems integration

Aquiline drones are considered aircraft. As such, the technological components and manufacturing processes are set up to be aviation standards compliant. With a group of cutting-edge technologies integrated within a single platform, Aquiline relies on systems modeling and engineering skills to develop and manufacture best-in-class drone solutions.


Large-scale manufacturing facility

Aquiline is gearing up to set up manufacturing at a 220,000 square foot headquarters and manufacturing facility in Bridgeport, CT. A former venue of the US Army\'s Comanche helicopters manufacturing, the space is ideal for manufacturing UAVs, mobile command centers and other mission hardware.

It will also be leveraged for administration, training, mission planning and execution. It is currently being redesigned for AD manufacturing.


Technology: AD Cloud

AD Cloud is a real time cloud with artificial intelligence and edge computing, controlling all the mission specific infrastructure which enables autonomous UAV operations.