Firefighters fighting a fire while drones analyze the dangerous situation.

AD Smart Firefighting

Cloud and drone technologies can help deliver reliable solutions for firefighting that are changing the way field operations are conducted. AD offers a powerful service platform for firefighters that consists of cloud connected drones and sensors, a customized control room and real-time data

How it works

Spartacus FIREFIGHTER uses cloud-connected drones to deliver centralized situational awareness to fire departments. A drone is deployed by a qualified pilot at an incident scene. The pilot uses a customized pilot app to fly, which is usually done manually but can also be conducted autonomously via the app. The drone uses its sensor payload, which is usually a dual optical-thermal camera to gather video from the scene, which is relayed in real-time back to the web-based control room.

The cloud based AI analytics deliver real-time insights on the live video, while the cloud permanently stores both the footage and the AI insights. Multiple pilots at difference scenes can be operating simultaneously, with all data coming back in real-time to remote managers. The long-term storage of structured drone data from incident scenes has transformative implications for the future of firefighting.

3D model of how the AD fire fighting system works.

A drone-cloud solution for fire departments

Spartacus FIREFIGHTER is next generation service platform for connected drone operations within fire departments. It consists of a control room for operations management with built-in, real-timeAI assistance, a pilot app for drone pilots and cloud connected drones.

Solution highlights

Ground school and certification: Firefighter with a helmet and a drone starting to fly from the ground.

Ground school and certification

Get certified as a commercial drone pilot. Our Flight to the Future program will prepare you for the FAA Part 107 examination. Then, build your knowledge with our specialized course – Smart firefighting.

Service package selection: Firefighter piloting a drone near a dam.

Service package selection

Drones, batteries and sensors, along with the cloud and AI services are available on a subscription basis. Add maintenance, tech support and insurance for a tailored solution.

Aerial view of a drone analyzing a fire situation

Flight training

AD experts offer in-person flight training, along with control room and pilot app setups. This ensures a seamless transition to real-world operations with cloud and AI driven benefits.

View of the ground and firefighters trying to put out the fire and a drone monitoring a flood situation near a house.

Lifetime support

In addition to your MRO plan, AD offers comprehensive engineering and tech support services that keep your drone ecosystem running smoothly.

Use AI Machine Vision to get smart with firefighting

AI assistance for firefighting consists of a group of modular AI skills that are ‘stacked together’ to produce the Spartacus FIREFIGHTER AI services. The modular skills include:

  • AI for Fire Assessment
  • AI for Search and Rescue
  • AI for Highway Safety
  • AI for Damage Assessment
  • AI for Perimeter Security

Get started

Enterprise solutions are tailored for each customer with industry-specific features and capabilities. To get started, contact AD and tell us about what you're looking for and we'll arrange an exclusive remote presentation for you with solution options.

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