A real-time, smart cloud for autonomous drones

Aquiline Drones Cloud is a hybrid cloud with UAV specific capabilities, enabling enterprise level autonomous deployments.

Why Aquiline

Full lifecycle ecosystem with R&D, manufacturing, operations and MRO capabilities. What sets us apart is:

  • Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) with aviation standards
  • Autonomous flight capability with mission control infrastructure
  • Integration with AD Cloud, a secure, powerful, hybrid cloud
  • New and remarkable application scenarios for drones

AD Cloud

A dedicated hybrid cloud for high density drone operations. AD Cloud's mission critical computing provides assured quality-of-service for industrial workload applications.


Powered by edge computing, AI and big data analytics

A real-time hybrid cloud with high availability and resilience is at the core of AD's mission control framework. Designed with security and compliance in mind, the AD Cloud is very scalable and allows third-party developers to build their own UAS solution using AD Cloud services.

Autonomous navigation

Aquiline drones rely on sophisticated map, terrain and flight data from a variety of sources including a 3D open source world map, LIDAR, satellites and the real-time drone network itself. Automated mission planning and edge computing infrastructure are crucial features that enable autonomous flights.



AI-driven mission success

The AD Cloud provides modular services that are focused on providing business insights from data analysis. With specialized algorithms based on application types, this capability is what makes the AD Cloud 'smart', with the ability to deliver faster, more insightful data returns in real-world situations.

With AD Cloud, you can deploy:

A civil avionics framework

A core component of the ground control architecture is an aviation-grade communications network with compliance, security and redundancy.

Drone swarms

Conduct missions that require a large-scale deployment of hundreds, even thousands of drones over urban areas and well as remote geographic regions.

Voice controlled drones

Fine tune your mission specifics by issuing voice commands to your drone using a digital assistant - all from the comfort of your environment.

Manufacturing 4.0

Aquiline plans an integrated US-based manufacturing facility for its drones and mobile command centers, utilizing AD Cloud connected workstation cells and advanced 3D printing.