Redefining drones with AI and a specialized cloud

Deploy autonomous drones with real-time control using the AD Cloud to reduce costs, maximize ROI and create new business value. And now, anyone can start their drone business in a few easy steps.


Introducing: Flight to the Future

Own your aviation business in this age of transformation. Aquiline Drones launches a success kit for anyone who wants to become a professional drone operator.


Enterprise solutions with autonomous drones

Aquiline offers full-service, UAV solutions with equipment, personnel and cloud infrastructure for a multitude of use cases. We have redefined the entire unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) landscape by developing a unified, real-time cloud with autonomous flight capabilities, edge computing and AI enabled data insights.


Life-critical delivery

Drones are ideal for more effective medical response, providing unprecedented remedies in public health applications.

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Perimeter security

High endurance autonomous drones with the latest surveillance technologies offer a continuous and mobile security solution.

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Law enforcement

Drones can help police more effectively, assisting with collecting evidence, doing reconnaissance and providing life-saving insights.

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Barry Alexander

Founder and CEO, Aquiline Drones

Around the world, authorities are turning to drones in the battle against the Coronavirus pandemic, using them to remove humans from the risk of infection

Technology: AD Cloud

AD Cloud is a real time cloud with artificial intelligence and edge computing, controlling all the mission specific infrastructure which enables autonomous UAV operations.


Manufacturing 4.0

Aquiline plans an integrated US-based manufacturing facility for its drones and mobile command centers, utilizing AD Cloud connected workstation cells and advanced 3D printing.