Count people and estimate      crowd sizes with AI

Upload photos or videos and the AI will count people and calculate totals. You can count in freestyle mode, which results in an ad-hoc count, or you can utilize a structured approach to determine crowd sizes and crowd flow metrics in large events.

How it works

Crowd counting is an ‘AI as a Service’. Use the AD Analytics dashboard to launch the Crowd counting service. Then upload images and/or video. You may select the freestyle counting method or the structured approach.

If you choose the latter, make sure geo metadata such as GPS data is also available within the media files.

The AI engine will process the media files and deliver a person count, with detailed metrics. Structured counts are always in a unique batch, as multiple batches may make up the job in question. On the other hand, if the count is freestyle, there is a single batch for each job since the result is ad-hoc.

Your AD Analytics dashboard will store all uploaded and processed data on the cloud, which may be accessed at any time through the dashboard.

AI service highlights

AD Analytics – Crowd counting Crowd counting home screen Job details – Structured count Crowd estimation batch details Freestyle batch details New batch – Structured count

AD Analytics – Crowd counting

Sign into AD Analytics to access the main dashboard. Select ’Crowd counting’ to access the AI service.

Crowd counting home screen

Your primary dashboard view of the crowd counting AI service. It displays all your jobs for both freestyle and structured counting, along with quick access for initiating new jobs, and vital usage metrics.

Job details – Structured count

Job details for a structured count, shows all the batches (distinct uploads) for that job. A time or historical stack of data is thus accumulated, which is usually critical for accurate estimates.

Crowd estimation batch details

Your uploaded media gets processed by the AI engine. Each upload is a new batch, and always part of a job. Structured counting for crowd estimation allows for multiple batches as part of one job.

Freestyle batch details

Your uploaded media gets processed by the AI engine. Each upload is a new batch, and always part of a job. Freestyle jobs have only one batch in every job.

New batch – Structured count

A new upload for an existing job creates a new batch that is associated with the job. Images and video can be uploaded in any batch.

Get the most out of your crowd counting AI

User manual for the crowd counting service, with helpful hints to optimize your results and get the most out of your AD Analytics experience.

Get Started

AD Analytics Crowd Counting will soon be available in beta version.

Have a question about the crowd counting service? Reach out to AD experts and tell us about the kind of scenarios you’re dealing with, and we’ll give you advice on best practices and application nuances.

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